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Powerful Accelevents/Hubspot integration increases Zapier event attendance by 422%

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Zapier leverages the integration of Hubspot with Accelevents, an event scheduling and event promotion platform, to boost event attendance
Accelevents brings an intuitively designed platform with all the bells and whistles needed to execute our event. Our team especially appreciated the thoughtfulness of each engagement component. The speed networking, lounges, and individual chat streams for sessions ensured that our attendees had a variety of ways to learn from each other.
Denise Hibbard
Events Marketing Manager Zapier
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Zapier’s October 2021 ZapConnect was their first-ever virtual conference, and the event’s primary goal was education around helping users understand what is possible within Zapier. Their secondary goal was to help attendees gain foundational skills in using easy automation to create effective systems that can power their business.

Another really important goal of ZapConnect was to launch their new product, Transfer, which allows you to move critical bulk data where you need it, when you need it.

ZapConnect would be the first time that many of the Zapier employees had the opportunity to get in front of their customer base. This was the first event at scale where Zapier users had an opportunity to connect with the Zapier team, so it was important to them that the event was full of intimate, conversational activity points, and loads of engagement opportunities.

Zapier’s event goals

Zapier uses HubSpot as their CRM and required that critical event data be passed into HubSpot to inform customer communication. There were several other critical goals that Zapier had for an event management platform, which included:

  1. Ease of use, with the ability to insert branding elements without a “big lift” for their graphics team
  2. Strong customer support options, particularly on the day of the event
  3. Hubspot integration
  4. Chat-based systems for networking
  5. Ability to host and live stream to up to 15,000 simultaneous users reliably
  6. Ability to host concurrent sessions
  7. Q&A and chat during live sessions
  8. In-depth data analysis around:
    - Check-ins
    - Live and on-demand views
    - Session view time
    - Downloads by users
  9. An exhibitor section where they could have a dedicated Zapier “booth” for attendees to connect with staff members
  10. Finally, the ability to white-label the platform as their very own

Zapier really wanted the event to be super easy for their attendees to navigate and for them to be motivated to attend the many sessions offered. Moreover, they had very lofty goals for their registration numbers, for exceeding their average webinar attendances and average session ratings, and meeting or exceeding their average sessions viewed per attendee.

Accelevents’ solutions for Zapier

Because Zapier used Hubspot as their CRM of record, Accelevents provided Zapier with the ability to pass analytics over to Hubspot for strategic campaign outreach. This seamless HubSpot interface was simple to execute and took far less time to import data than their previous solution. Moreover, Accelevents offers a two way Zapier integration, which allowed them to easily pipe in registrations that they collected via their own site in real-time, alleviating their concern that importing files would prevent them from allowing for day-of registrations due to manual work. Because of the integration, they knew their registrations were streaming seamlessly into the event system.

As far as Zapier’s desire for attendee engagement and ease of use, Accelevents offered networking opportunities, chats and Q&As, and downloadable materials. Moreover, Accelevents also offered Zapier incredible support, having a chat team who answered questions in 35 seconds on average and who gave them stand-by support on the day of the event. They appreciated that, outside of their Customer Success Representative, they could easily chat with our team, literally at any hour of the day, with a real person and get quick answers when they needed guidance.

The outcome for Zapier

Zapier shared with us that the positive outcomes for this most recent event were astounding and lined up with their expectations for an exciting event in a quantifiably justified way.

Denise Hibbard, Events Marketing Manager for Zapier, said,

“Accelevents brings an intuitively designed platform with all of the bells and whistles needed to execute our event virtually. Our team especially appreciated the thoughtfulness of each engagement component, like a built-in gamification system through to the chat channels that attendees could easily jump between. Building connections between attendees, Zapier, and our users, throughout our event, was critical. The speed networking, lounges, and individual chat streams for sessions ensured that our attendees had a variety of ways to learn from each other based on their style of communicating.”

Unexpected bonuses for Zapier

Zapier was most excited about the live chat. The “Slack Style” chat (as they called it) seemed like a great way to continue conversation after the end of a session. Says Denise, “It was easy to find the list of conversations you’ve joined and bounce between the different areas – all without ever having to leave the session you’re in.”

Zapier also reported that speed networking, not something they were initially looking for, was an excellent way for some of the Zapier employees to connect with their users. They were very excited to have this new, unexpected feature to test out!

Accelevents’ analytics provided detailed attendee activity

Zapier was really able to knock it out of the park with this event, mainly because the metrics showed that they exceeded goals in almost every area. Here are a few examples:

  • With ZapConnect being their first actual virtual event, they aimed pretty high goal-wise with their registration goals. The event exceeded their registration goals by 25.8%, setting the bar high for future years.
  • While they didn’t have historical data to compare, they saw that attendance for ZapConnect was more than 422% higher than their previous average webinars’ attendance.
  • They exceeded their rather aggressive target for average session rating by 7%.
  • Since attendee education was at the forefront of their goals, the number of sessions viewed was a super important metric they studied. They set pretty aggressive targets, knowing that getting attendees to “stick around” for an entire event in a virtual space can be challenging. They were pleased to see that they exceeded their average sessions viewed per attendee by 34%.
  • One of their most exciting outcomes was that those clients who attended the event saw increased usage of their product, showing that bringing their user base together provided the knowledge needed to go deeper within the product, which was a primary goal of theirs.

Zapier felt Accelevents had their back throughout the entire event

"From our first interactions with Accelevents team members, we knew we’d be supported throughout the entirety of the event process. Our CSM jumped to connect with us regularly, and when we needed quick answers – at virtually any time of the day – we were able to reach their support team within minutes via chat. Their team asked for and implemented feedback quickly, resulting in a great partnership through to the very end of our conference."

— Denise Hibbard, Events Marketing Manager for Zapier

When asked what they felt was their most significant opportunity for virtual events in the future, Denise told us: “Virtual events will undoubtedly be a part of our planning in the new year. Seeing our industry embrace virtual more than ever before has shown us how doing so can enable folks to participate that might not otherwise be able to attend.”

Having hosted their first-ever virtual conference, Zapier feels there are many opportunities they can seek in the future. For example, it might be expanding their programming to explore alternative scheduling options for international folks. It’s too early for them to really commit to what their future events might hold, but if one thing is for sure, it’s that they have a great future ahead for events at Zapier because of the success with ZapConnect!

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