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Elevate Your Product Launch With An End-To-End Event Platform

Inspire and educate customers about your product, no matter where they are in the world. We support virtual, hybrid, and in-person product launches of any size and complexity.

Turn your product launch event ideas into reality with Accelevents, an event platform for in-person and hybrid events built to support your product launch event planning process
Build the hype and make the countdown to unveiling your product more exciting with a branded email marketing campaign and event page that leave a positive impression from day one.

Amplify Excitement for Your Brand & Product

Create brand awareness by transforming your product launch into a memorable experience that reflects your event theme at every touchpoint:

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Create a stunning, branded event page with a custom URL.
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Send branded email teasers, registration confirmations, and reminders.
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Customize your event badges, mobile app, and check-in kiosks with your branding.

Build Flexible Registration Paths To Accomodate Your Audiences

Effortlessly build advanced registration workflows that adapt to any product launch:

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Create unlimited registration categories: channel partners, customers, potential customers, employees, speakers, industry experts.
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Add custom fields and conditional logic to capture special information such as product interest areas or travel information.
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Include add-ons like merchandise, VIP launch party access, hands-on product demonstrations, and more.
tailor the registration path to different target market segments so step 1, step 2, step 3, and step 4 of your registration process are fast and frictionless
We streamline check-in with integrated check-in and badge printing tools, supported by solid partnerships with reputable hardware providers.

Streamline The Check-In & Badge Printing Experience

Accelerate the check-in and badge printing process:

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Scan QR codes to check attendees into the event venue or into specific sessions.
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Set up check-in kiosks to enable attendees to self-check and print their badges.

Effortlessly Manage Agendas, Sessions & Speakers

Effortlessly create a value-packed schedule to educate your audiences about your new product:

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Craft multi-track agendas with concurrent sessions and multiple speakers.
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Add sessions and speakers individually or upload them in bulk.
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Edits will update the agenda in real time, both on the web and app!
Careful planning of a content-rich agenda, displayed via web and app, leaves a lasting impression about your new product
customers, journalists responsible for media coverage of your new product, and your social media specialist covering the launch - they will all appreciate an app that keeps them informed and connected.

Boost Onsite Engagement With A Mobile App

Provide onsite attendees with a user-friendly app that keeps them engaged and connected throughout the event:

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Build anticipation with an engaging welcome video.
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Event attendees can build their personalized agenda, browse the attendee directory, connect, chat, and send meeting requests.
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They can also engage with content-rich booths to learn more about your products and services.
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Gather feedback and make everyone feel heard through polls, surveys, and Q&A.

Expand Your Reach With A Virtual Event Hub

Bring your virtual audiences - customers, influencers, the press - into the heart of the action:

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Offer diverse virtual event formats: keynotes, product training seminars, workshops, breakout rooms, lounges, and more.
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Live stream sessions and record them for easy on-demand access.
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Connect customers with similar product interests using AI matchmaking.
Don’t worry about having a trending event hashtag - our virtual hub will effortlessly provide you with a global reach while being more effective than a simple webinar
Gamification transforms product launches into engaging experiences, far beyond just another dry press release.

Engage Hybrid Audiences with Exciting Challenges

Introduce playful competition to engage audiences globally and make your product launch unforgettable.

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Award points for actions like filling out attendee profile information or participating in educational sessions.
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Display top performers on a leaderboard within the App and the Virtual Event Hub.

Refine Your Event Marketing With Data Insights

Track key event metrics to help create even more impactful corporate events next time:

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Report on registrations, attendance, session attendance and engagement, and more.
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Create target audience lists by filtering based on demographics or audience behavior.
use reporting and analytics to gauge the impact of your product launch event on your target audience
push event data from your successful product launch event directly into your tech ecosystem for a faster, more effective follow-up

Integrate Event Data Into Your Business Systems

Automatically push event data to leading CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, or Marketo, or work with us to build custom integrations via the Accelevents API.

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