Event Live Streaming Services

Broadcast With Confidence

Whether you want to use our in-house broadcasting studio or your preferred A/V provider, we offer a seamless, high-quality streaming experience.

Accelevents broadcasting studio for live video streaming of corporate events, webinars, graduations, trade shows, or any other in-person event
next-level live streaming built into a powerful platform

Streamlined Workflows

Our video tools work seamlessly with the rest of our event platform.

multiple live streaming options for on-site, hybrid, and virtual events

Flexible Streaming Options

Use our in-house studio or third-party audio and video providers.

webcasting and live streaming enriched with multiple engagement features

Maximum Engagement

Keep your audience engaged while they’re watching - with chat, polls and Q&A sessions.

broadcasting studio for webcasting and live streaming events and for broadcasting recorded multi-camera video content on demand

Broadcast Seamlessly With Accelevents Studio

Easily broadcast to an unlimited number of attendees with confidence. All in one place. No hoops. No confusion. No external tools required.

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Invite participants on stage
bullet point
Configure moderator settings
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Create multiple stages: Launch interactive workshops. Split into breakout rooms. Or de-risk the presentation with simu-live content.

Choose Your Preferred Video Option

Choose your preferred option to live stream events:

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Accelevents Studio: our in-house streaming service
bullet point
Third-party live streaming tools: Zoom, Facebook Live, Youtube, Wistia, Vidyard, and Vimeo, and more.
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RTMP Stream
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Pre-recorded content: upload it directly into your agenda
Accelevents offers a built-in live streaming platform for hybrid and virtual events but is also compatible with third party live streaming solutions

Allow Your Speakers To Shine

Our automated tools and technology simplify the onboarding process for your speakers, ensuring they can deliver their session flawlessly.

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Automated speaker invitations with onboarding link
bullet point
Self-directed onboarding: speakers complete their profile and test their settings
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Mass-upload of speaker profiles
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Manage speaker applications. Instantly onboard approved speakers.
Accelevents embeds automated speaker journey tools so event planners can effortlessly onboard speakers for virtual and hybrid events
remote participants with an internet connection tuning into on-site events via iOs or Android devices can navigate password-protected session tracks of any regular or white label event from the comfort of their homes

Build Attendee Journeys For Maximum Business Impact

Configure attendee journeys by setting up content tracks and placing strategic calls to action at the end of each session. Offer additional sponsorship opportunities with sponsor placements built into each session.

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Multitracks: unlimited simultaneous video streams
bullet point
Pre-roll: sponsor promotion opportunities prior to session start
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Post-session CTA: direct viewers to the next session, to a sponsor booth, or anywhere else!

Boost Audience Engagement During And After Your Event

Effortlessly build and sustain audience engagement during and after your livestream. Invite attendees on stage and give them multiple opportunities to interact.

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Chat (with threaded messages), Polls and Q&A
bullet point
Automatic closed-captions
bullet point
Video analytics to continuously improve engagement:
bullet point
Engagement data
bullet point
Watch time
bullet point
Edits of recorded content for post-event access
next level engagement during events and post-event video production, editing and repurposing to keep attendees engaged beyond the event
whether you are a small business or a large organization, be your own production company and broadcasting facility with our Command Center

Stay On Top Of Things With Our Command Center

Easily monitor every broadcast, drop into any session to check on its status, collaborate with other event admins in real time, and get direct access to Accelevents Support.

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Session status overview and notifications
bullet point
24/7 chat support access
bullet point
Engagement analytics

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Accelevents is more than just an event networking platform. We’re an all-in-one event management platform with everything you need to manage any event from start to finish.

Whether you’re thinking of a standalone networking event or planning to host an expo, trade show, summit, or even a webinar with built-in networking, we’ll show you all the customizable tools you need to execute your event.

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