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The Top 11 Tools Evaluated: An Event Management Software Comparison

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The perfect event is a harmonious blend of innovative ideas, meticulous planning, and seamless execution. And while it might seem like a daunting task to the uninitiated, with the right event software partner by your side, you are already well-positioned for success.

To assist our fellow event organizers, marketers, and meeting planners, we have compiled this comprehensive comparison of the top ten event management software tools.

Discover Key Attributes to Compare

When comparing cloud-based event management software providers, it is essential to focus on these critical attributes:

  1. User-Friendliness: Is this event planning software easy to navigate and use?
  2. Customizability: How adaptable is the software to your specific event needs?
  3. Flexibility: Can the software handle in-person, virtual, and hybrid event formats? Can it accommodate various types of events, such as conferences, trade shows, webinars, workshops, career fairs, and non-profit fundraisers? Is the software equipped to manage any event, no matter its size or complexity?
  4. Streamlined Attendee Registration & Check-In Workflows: Can you seamlessly sell tickets, register event attendees, check everybody in, and print their badges?
  5. Feature-Rich Mobile Event App: Does the attendee app allow attendees to personalize their agenda, navigate the floor plan, watch live streams, use messaging to connect with fellow attendees, and schedule meetings throughout the entire event?
  6. Powerful Audience Engagement Tools: Does this software include interactive features like live polls, chat, or Q&A sessions? Does it offer gamification features and speed networking?
  7. In-Depth Analytics: Does the software provide real-time insights on event data to help you make informed decisions?
  8. Integration Options: How well does the software integrate with CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and email marketing solutions? Does the software offer social media integrations?
  9. Customer Support: Is there robust and timely customer support in place?
  10. Reasonable Pricing: What are the costs, and are they justifiable?

Who Should Compare Event Management Software Solutions?

The responsibility of comparing and selecting event management software solutions is best suited for senior decision-makers who deeply understand the organization's specific event requirements and available resources.

Junior staff members can contribute to the selection process by conducting research, preparing comparison charts, and conducting testing as assigned.

A Comparison of 11 Event Management Software Tools

logo of Accelevents, an all-in-one event management software for virtual, hybrid and in-person events


Accelevents is an enterprise-grade event management platform for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. The software skillfully merges advanced features with a user-friendly interface to simplify the event planning process.

It serves 12,500 organizations worldwide and stands out for its exceptional 24/7 customer support.The platform also provides a high degree of customization, tailoring features to the unique needs of each event.

With Accelevents, you can build event pages, sell tickets, manage your event agenda, onboard speakers, register attendees, offer payment processing and invoicing, handle badge design and badge printing, check in attendees and other stakeholders, manage exhibitors and sponsorships, provide mobile apps, send reminders and notifications, boost attendee engagement, orchestrate email marketing campaigns, track event metrics, and much more.

The platform is suitable for conferences, trade shows, and corporate events such as workshops, training seminars, product launches, and career fairs. Host paid and free events at any scale!


Airmeet is a virtual event management system that facilitates virtual gatherings of any size. Over 6,500 businesses utilize Airmeet to host their events. The company caters to all event types, including virtual conferences, webinars, meetups, workshops, town halls, career fairs, expos, and similar events.

While Airmeet offers robust event technology, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with its limited customization and branding options. Other users have reported that this virtual event  platform can be challenging to navigate and use. Finally, some users have reported issues with the platform's audio and video quality.


With its data-rich open platform, Bizzabo powers immersive in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences. Bizzabo's Event Experience OS enables event planners to manage events, engage audiences, and deliver powerful business outcomes. As a trusted event management tool with over a decade of industry presence, Bizzabo supports event strategies from start to finish.

According to user reviews on G2 and Capterra, Bizzabo's website editor has limited design customization. Custom code may be necessary to achieve a more elegant or unique website look. This lack of customization options extends beyond the editor. One user says: “While Bizzabo offers customization options, some users may have specific design or branding requirements that cannot be fully met within the platform's limitations.”.

Finally, while the platform is generally easy to use, users on G2 complain that the Bizzabo mobile app lacks customization options and needs to be more user-friendly.


Cvent is a leading event platform suitable for all event formats and sizes. It's a one-stop solution for event supplier sourcing, engaging attendees, and enhancing sponsor value.

Due to its focus on the enterprise segment, Cvent pricing is relatively expensive for small businesses or individuals.

Cvents event planning tools are best suited for large, complex events. Simple webinars or video conferencing may be better served by a simpler solution. Cvent users often complain that the Cvent interface is complicated and overwhelming, especially for first-time users.

Learning all the platform's ins and outs can take some time, making it challenging to quickly customize each tool. As one user puts it, “It is not intuitive at all. There are a lot of instances where what you need to update is in the last possible tab you would imagine.”


Eventbrite is a leading platform for managing and promoting in-person and virtual events. Event planners can build customized event pages, sell tickets, and market events through Eventbrite Marketplace and social media.

Eventbrite's user-friendly interface simplifies event registration and event ticketing. The platform also differentiates itself with an extensive marketplace. It integrates with Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube for virtual events and provides easy-to-understand reports to optimize event performance.

There are, however, some potential drawbacks to using Eventbrite as an event management and ticketing platform:

  1. The fees associated with ticket sales appear to be slightly higher than some other platforms.
  2. The customization options for event pages and ticketing could be more extensive.
  3. Due to limited customization options, Eventbrite may not be ideal for hosting complex, multi-track conferences.
  4. Managing refunds or cancellations may also pose a challenge.


EventMobi provides a comprehensive platform for planning, promoting, and executing engaging virtual, hybrid, or in-person events. Its award-winning tools, including a website, registration system, event app, and virtual space, have been utilized by over 10,000 event planners globally since 2009.

Some users find EventMobi's UX challenging. As one G2 review points out, “the platform wasn't very intuitive on the admin or user side.” Another review notes that the platform is not "visually appealing as many other platforms we have since looked at.”

Other users also note limitations in how certain platform elements can be customized to meet requirements.


Eventsquid supports virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. This event scheduling platform has flat and predictable pricing, unlimited events and users, and charges no credit card fees. It provides modern features such as website creation, a customizable registration process, a mobile app, session and speaker ratings, payment processing, speaker and agenda management, and support for CEUs.

However, Eventsquid can be challenging to learn, and the interface that can overwhelm first-time users. One user states: “There was a steep learning curve for setup of the first event.” Also, while the platform offers flexibility, some users have noted limitations in customizing certain aspects. There have also been occasional reports of delayed or unresponsive customer support.


Eventzilla is an all-in-one event marketing and registration platform for virtual, hybrid, and onsite events. It offers solutions to streamline event planning, including branded event websites, ticket sales, payment processing, attendee management, and online event promotion.

The platform is suitable for various event types, such as conferences, member events, training events, fundraising events, trade shows, and more. Key features include custom-branded event websites, multiple registration types, an event agenda builder, customizable registration forms, webinar and live stream hosting, integration with external platforms, automated waitlists and approvals, discount code setup, abstract management, customizable name badge design and printing, hotel accommodation management, an attendee app, and self-service check-in options.

Event professionals use Eventzilla primarily for event registration and online ticketing. As reported by users, the platform's potential downsides include:

  • Limited customization options for event websites.
  • A less intuitive user interface than competitors.
  • Occasional slow or unresponsive customer support.

Additionally, a few users have mentioned that the platform lacks the deep integrations available in other event management platforms. As one user says, “I would like more integration with commonly used apps.”


SpotMe is an end-to-end enterprise event platform, specializing in engaging virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Well-known for its customizable and compliant event app, SpotMe offers audiences a personalized, interactive experience. It is adept at hosting various events, from large-scale conferences to intimate member gatherings, with features like interactive activity feeds, networking, breakout rooms, Q&A, polls, and live applause, enhancing engagement and inclusivity.

SpotMe's platform stands out for its user-friendly templates and customizable registration pages, ensuring a fully branded experience. Integrations with major CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Veeva powered by deep APIs, allow for effective data-driven decision-making.

Used by Fortune 500 companies, including leaders in life sciences and professional services, SpotMe is best suited for events in high-touch industries. Other industry events may prefer to use another solution. And although some use SpotMe as a self-service tool, many benefit from its robust enterprise support, 24/7 instant assistance, and white-glove service, to simplify the event management process.


Vfairs is an all-in-one event management platform that empowers organizations of all sizes to host virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. With intuitive 3D virtual venues, extensive features, and a multifunctional mobile app, Vfairs provides flexible solutions for conferences, trade shows, hiring fairs, and more. Their customer service team is dedicated to supporting every step of the event process, ensuring a seamless experience for organizers and attendees alike.

Users have noted a steep learning curve and limited customization options. Some users have found the platform consistently challenging to use. As one G2 user said, "Chat, video and audio functionality are archaic and not user-friendly. Zoom configuration is slightly complicated to launch. Networking feature not convenient."


Whova is an all-in-one event management solution that offers a modern and engaging experience for attendees while saving time for event organizers. With its award-winning event app, efficient online registration, powerful event marketing, and time-saving management tools, Whova has powered thousands of conferences globally across various industries and communities.

While Whova’s conference management features are robust, the user experience of the Whova platform could be more attendee-friendly; it seems they cater more to event administrators than attendees. What’s more, “the front-end design of this platform looks like it's from 2005,” according to one G2 review.

The Power of Choosing Right: Host Successful Events with the Perfect Software

By reviewing this guide and carefully comparing software attributes like user-friendliness, pricing, and customer support, you'll be able to accurately identify the best event management software to streamline planning, enhance the attendee experience, and turn your event vision into reality!

P.S.: We’d love to help you select the perfect event platform for your future events; contact us any time for a free consultation!

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