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How To Choose Event Management Software You Can Count On

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There's no room for error in the fast-paced world of event planning. Whether you're an event planner hosting a high-stakes corporate event or an event organizer managing a trade show with hundreds of exhibitors, the software you choose can make or break your success.

That's why it's crucial to opt for reliable event management software that can handle the complexities of your event lifecycle.

In this blog post, we'll delve into what makes event technology reliable, why it's a non-negotiable factor, and how to screen for a platform that won't let you down.

factors that impact in-person and virtual event software reliability

What Impacts Event Software Reliability?

When it comes to reliability, there are several factors you should consider:

  • Bugs: No software is entirely bug-free. The question is how quickly and effectively these bugs are addressed.
  • Server Outages: Your event can't afford downtime. Always check the server reliability stats.
  • Customer Support: How quickly can you get help when you need it?
  • Updates and Patches: Frequent updates can be a double-edged sword. They can offer new features but also introduce new bugs.
  • User Load: Can the software handle the number of attendees you expect?
  • Security: Data breaches can be a nightmare. Ensure your software follows best practices in data security.
factors that impact in-person and virtual event software reliability

Why is it Important to Pick Reliable Event Software?

Choosing a reliable event management platform isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. Here's why:

  • Attendee Experience: A glitch-free experience enhances attendee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Operational Efficiency: Reliable software streamlines your workflows, automating mundane tasks like invoicing and payment processing.
  • Data Integrity: Real-time analytics and reporting are only helpful if you can trust the data.
  • Brand Reputation: Software failures can tarnish your brand, causing long-term damage that's hard to repair.
why picking reliable event management tools is critical to a smooth event planning process from online event registration and check-in to event analytics

How Do I Screen for Reliable Event Management Software?

When screening for a reliable event management system, consider it a three-step process. First, take the software for a spin with a hands-on demo. This will give you a direct feel for its functionality and maturity.

Next, don't just take the company's word for it—scour reviews from event professionals who've hosted similar events. They'll give you the unvarnished truth on how the software holds up in the real world.

Finally, put customer support to the test. Shoot them a query and gauge how swiftly and effectively they respond. It's a quick but telling way to measure their commitment to customer service.

screening questions to pinpoint a mature software solution to host in-person events, hybrid events, and virtual events

Don't Get Burned: Screening Questions to Avoid Immature Event Platforms

If a software vendor claims their platform is bug-free, be skeptical. To assess the maturity and reliability of an event management software, ask these key questions:

  1. Could you outline the procedure for reporting and resolving software bugs?
  2. Is there a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place to expedite the resolution of issues?
  3. Would you be able to elaborate on your software's testing framework?
  4. Does your testing approach incorporate both manual and automated methods?
  5. How often are software updates rolled out?
  6. Are tests routinely conducted before each software update?
  7. What is the duration for which changes are staged before they are released to the public?
  8. For significant events: Are load tests performed on the platform?
  • ~How frequently are these conducted?
  • ~What criteria are used for these tests?
  • ~What is the maximum number of attendees you've tested for?
  • ~Which specific areas of the platform are scrutinized during these tests?
  1. When was your most recent disaster recovery exercise conducted?
  2. Is there a team of engineers on call 24/7, trained explicitly in disaster recovery protocols?
  3. Has there ever been an incident involving data loss on your platform?
  4. What has been the most prolonged duration of downtime experienced on your platform?
  5. Is there a publicly accessible Status page? If so, is it automatically updated or manually managed by your team?

Accelevents: A Practical Choice for Reliable Event Management

As we have seen, reliability isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a must-have. The software you choose has a direct impact on the entire event experience and on your team's efficiency. That's why we have engineered Accelevents to be robust and reliable in every sense of the word.

Firstly, our customer support is unparalleled. We offer 24/7 support with a response time of under 30 seconds. Whether it's a minor query or a significant hiccup, we're here to assist you in real time, ensuring that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Secondly, Accelevents is an integrated solution, purpose-built to function as a cohesive unit. This eliminates the risk of breakdowns or malfunctions between different tools, providing a seamless experience. From advanced registration forms to real-time analytics, every feature is designed to work in harmony, meeting the unique needs of your event.

Lastly, we take security and integrity seriously. Accelevents has successfully implemented the SOC 2 Type 2 controls, focusing on Security, Availability, and Integrity of the process. This ensures that your data is safe, the platform is available when needed, and all processes function as they should.

Ready to experience the reliability that Accelevents offers? Book a demo today and discover how we can elevate your event planning to a new level of operational excellence. Because in the world of event management, settling for less than reliable is simply not an option.

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