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Export attendee data into Marketo or register attendees from a Marketo form and import their data into Accelevents.


About Marketo

Integrate your Marketo account with Accelevents for effortlessly importing or exporting attendee data. This simplifies the management of your event audience in your CRM, offering real-time analytics tracking. Plus, it enables sustained post-event engagement through follow-up email campaigns.

Integration Features

Import Accelevents Registrants & Attendees

This integration seamlessly captures vital registration details such as name, email address, and any additional information attendees provide, automatically adding them as event members in Marketo.

Manage Your Event Attendee Data in Marketo

Access attendee data seamlessly in Marketo's program files, enabling you to create segments based on gathered attendee information. This capability empowers you to send targeted marketing efforts efficiently.

Add Attendees to Accelevents from Marketo

Create customized Marketo forms for gathering event registrations. Set up automation flows and webhooks to automatically link the Marketo registrations with event tickets in Accelevents.

Track Attendee Engagement in Marketo

Capture real-time engagement data to gain precise insights into your attendees' activities during the event. Understand their behavior by identifying their participation in polls, Q&A sessions, chats, and more.

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