Pride Month and Accelevents

Pride Month At Accelvents: What Pride Means To Our Team

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As we celebrate Pride Month (and Pride Day today!), we asked our team to share their thoughts and sentiments about this important month and movement. We asked:

What does Pride mean to you and how does Accelevents foster the value of Inclusion in the workplace?

 "Pride is about feeling empowered to be authentically you.
It is about advancing society to a place of equal rights, and respect while dismantling any prejudice and social stigmas.
At Accelevents, we treat people like people and all people are equal. That is it."
Jonathan Kazarian speaks about Pride Day
"I define Pride as acceptance of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Every year I'm learning more about these topics and I look forward to learning and growing more with the LGBTQIA+ community in my education. I'm proud to be part of a workplace that names Inclusion as one of its values and strives to live the meaning of it every day. We are working on building a diverse team and ensuring that each member of the team that joins us feels their voice is valuable regardless of their identity. It's a bold stance to take and requires Courage and Compassion to make progress - two of our other values!"
Carrie Mathews speaks about Pride Day
 "Pride month is such a freeing time of year, it allows communities around the country to take a step back and look at the massive impact the LGBTQ+ community has had on our everyday life and how it continues to push forward for a more inclusive American experience. Humans come in so many different sizes, colors and interests, but at the heart of it all we're all the same. It's important that we pay respects to the black (and queer) communities as they have been on the front lines of the equality movement throughout history, we wouldn't be where we are today without them!! GAY RIGHTS!! Right off the bat, this is one of the most inclusive workplaces I've been a part of. Not only are you really encouraged to be yourself, you have a wonderful team behind you cheering you on."
Megan L speaks about Pride Day
"We're extremely loving and supportive of each other in the LGBTQ+ community 365 days a year. I think having the platform of Pride Month helps reach those with limited access to a world outside of their own, surrounded by people telling them they need saving or to not make the choice to be queer. That's not the case. You deserve love as you are, to love yourself, and to be authentically you. To me, that's pride - that's what this is about, that's the agenda. This team was born in 2020 - what DIDN'T happen in 2020?! I'm in a position of a majority and try to be mindful of privilege, so I know that my comfort with expressing myself and engaging in discourse with a peer may be an entirely different experience than someone else. Based on my own interactions, Accelevents has created a work culture that tackled a tumultuous year like 2020 head on with compassion and awareness, allowing us to be our authentic selves while we all try to navigate who we are in the state of the world."
Devin M speaks about Pride Day
"To me, Pride is all about honoring our queer ancestors, and the hardships they endured to get us to where we are today. Icons like Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and many, many more went through hell and back so that we could live in a society where we don't need to be afraid to live as our true selves, not just at home, but out in the world as well. We would not have Pride as we know it today without Stonewall and the Black, trans women who paved the way. Pride is also a time to reflect on the challenges that are still faced by so many in the LGBTQIA+ community, especially queer people of color, and trans women. Just because we have made great strides, does not mean the fight is over. I define Pride as a period of reflection on the past, celebration of the present, and hope for a better future for the LGBTQIA+ community. When I started at Accelevents, the talent team went above and beyond to make sure that my pronouns were known and respected throughout the company from day one. No one had to guess what my pronouns were because I was given the opportunity to display them up front. This makes it easier for me to stick up for myself and for other non-binary or queer people when I have the chance, because I know my company and colleagues support me 100%."
Maddie Bird speaks about Pride Day
"Pride is more than just one month. It's a movement that is welcoming to everyone to show up as they are. Being authentic and true to yourself, whatever that means for you -- Pride is a celebration of individuality! Here at Accelevents, you come as you are. And you are supported and encouraged to try, fail, learn, and grow as we continue to build an amazing team and company. Inclusion means all are welcome, and it is felt on the daily."
Jordan H speaks about Pride Day
"To me, Pride is an opportunity to reflect, celebrate, and educate. Pride serves as a reminder to reflect on its origin and history in order to understand where we are today, it’s a time to celebrate my badass LGBTQIA+ family and friends, and it’s a time to educate myself and others on ways to be an effective advocate. And while Pride is recognized on a large scale for only one month out of the year, to me it is truly a daily mindset of education and elevating marginalized voices. Accelevents fosters inclusion by empowering employees to be their true selves and feel comfortable within the workplace."
Nicole M speaks about Pride Day
"Pride is respecting others as you would respect yourself. Be who you are and be proud of it. The managers are supportive and everyone's effort is appreciated. I feel valued and my opinion and ideas are being heard."
Hydee speaks about Pride Day
"As an ALLY, for me pride is about not just giving the love and support to our beloved members but also advocating for them and their rights to fellow cis and straight people. Accelevents' culture has always been embracing of all people regardless of where they stand, everybody is also continuously making sure we are thoughtful in all their dealings and respect others' feelings but also not being afraid of having the tough conversations to empower each other."
Althea S speaks about Pride Day
"To me, pride is the ability to be one's unabashed, entire self. It means to get on top of any mountain and shout to the universe - 'This is who I am, and I love all of me!' I feel that at one time or another, working at Accelevents has made us look within and answer the questions of 'What am I made of?', 'How can I be the best version of myself today?' and 'What do I want to show the world?'. When we're answering those questions, Accelevents has consistently provided a welcoming environment - free of judgement - where anyone, from anywhere, can bring their ideas about themselves and the world and be celebrated for the value their perspective brings. We may provide virtual events for our clients, but every day we log onto Slack is a virtual event where colleagues from India to Brazil and right back to the Nation's Capital crack jokes, share ideas, and build masterpieces."

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