Accelevents Interprefy Integration

Simultaneous Translation by Interprefy

Increase your event reach and revenue by integrating a simultaneous interpreting solution.

Reach a global audience with your virtual event by using Interprefy’s simultaneous interpreting. Accelevents has partnered with Interprefy to ensure that you can expand your event reach by providing simultaneous translation software for the speakers at your virtual conference, trade show, or event.

Adding simultaneous interpretation to your sessions allows attendees to listen to the session in their own language which can bring your event content to an international audience. With Accelevents, you are able to integrate a 3rd party interpretation platform through the iframe feature. An iframe, also known as an inline frame, allows us to embed interactive media within a page. In this case, it is used to embed simultaneous interpretation solutions like Interprefy.

Learn more about Interprefy here.

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