5 tips for collecting silent auction items

How to Get Items Donated for a Fundraiser: 5 Tips

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Even if you are using a mobile fundraising solution like Accelevents to make your fundraising efforts more effective, collecting fundraiser items (for a silent auction or raffle) can be difficult. That’s why we’ve created the quick reference guide below to help make item procurement easier and more effective. Enjoy!

1. Start with friends and family

As you begin your search for raffle prizes or silent auction items for your mobile fundraising efforts, a great place to start is with the people you know best, your friends and family. By tapping into your network (and asking your friends to do the same), you are involving people who are already close to you and are more likely to provide items (for little in return).

2. Post to social media accounts

As part of your outreach to friends and family, don’t be afraid to post on your social media accounts to ask for donation prizes/items for your raffle or silent auction. This will increase your chances of receiving an item donation, but will also create some early buzz around your mobile fundraising efforts and your cause.

3. Identify Potential Item Donors

Once you’ve asked your friends and family for item donations, it’s time to get out there and begin your outreach to people and organizations that you may not have a personal connection with. Take some time to identify the entities that you think will be most likely to donate. These can include restaurants, local businesses, your employer, and your colleagues.

4. Create an Outreach List

After identifying your potential targets, create an outreach list. This will allow you to track your outreach activities to determine which are working best. As part of your list, include the date, your outreach activity (email or call), and the response you’ve received.

5. Begin Your Outreach

Now it’s time to get out there. Spend some time each day emailing and calling the people/organizations on your outreach list. Be sure to let them know about your cause and how it connects with you personally. Don’t forget to tell potential item donors (especially restaurants and businesses) about the audience that will be present at your fundraiser, as this can act as an easy way for donors to promote their local business! Finally, always send handwritten thank-you letters to the people and businesses that donated items to your event. This will go a long way to ensure your donors feel appreciated and want to help you with your next event.

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