Growth Acceleration

The Accelevents Growth Acceleration Framework

Using event tech to create virtual and hybrid events that move the needle and make a real bottom-line impact. Learn more below

Events have always been a powerful mechanism for exchange. An exchange of ideas, content, community, experiences, goods, and more. Events have the capacity to create and deepen relationships. They provide sellers access to buyers. They provide brands opportunities to build awareness and loyalty. They allow educators to share ideas while providing students a forum for debate. And they do all of this by creating shared experiences.

However, events have always been considered an expense or even a cost center. Marketers allocated event spend within their budget without understanding the true ROI … much to the dismay of the C-Suite and Boards.  With recent advancements in digital technology, virtual and hybrid events have fundamentally “turned the table” on what it means to invest in an event. With increased visibility into how data flows throughout an event ecosystem, event marketers and organizers can now justify and validate the success of their goals while driving sustainable year-over-year growth.

As industry advocates, we at Accelevents have created a Growth Acceleration Framework that outlines our methodology of how brands and event organizations can use an event ecosystem, and our corresponding technology, to accelerate towards their goals.

growth framework

Step 1 – Plan

Goals + Themes + Topics

Start with your goals and attendee personas when developing a roadmap for event planning. Get granular and architect the specific challenges and solutions that your attendees will be looking for in an event environment.

Step 2 – Promote

Speakers + Moderators + Exhibitors

Once you identify your key themes and topics, secure your speakers, sponsors and exhibitors who can provide value to the attendees. Upon confirming your stakeholders, create detailed guidance and tailored digital assets for each party that they can use to promote the event to their respective networks.

Step 3 – Profile

Register + Segment + Personalize

As attendees sign up for your event, make sure to progressively build their profiles based on ticket types and/or registration form fields. This way you can adequately segment your attendees into specific persona categories for personalized communication before and during an event that will increase attendance conversion rates. BONUS: Increase your value to exhibitors and sponsors with detailed persona profiles.  

Step 4 – Delight

Educate + Entertain + Connect

Host an amazing event where attendees feel the content speaks directly to them. Pairing personas with suggested agenda tracks or even specific sessions is a great way to deliver targeted value. No event is complete without networking. Using persona segmentation, you can group attendees based on shared interests or business needs.

Step 5 – Grow

Analyze + Curate + Communicate

Monitor engagement activities and collect insightful session metrics that paint a better picture on what each and every attendee is interested in. Pair the activity metrics with the persona profiles to create segmented and actionable outbound nurture campaigns for your marketing and sales teams … or provide this information to your exhibitors and sponsors who will be eager to partake in your next event.

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